Sketching, My Journey to Learn

I began in the fall of 2011 learning to sektch with a group of other people, we share each others talents and teach each other.

Until this time I was convinced I could draw no more than stick people and had never tried. Hm-hm! On me.

I began with a copy cat sketch of this horse and discovered, I could make lines which made sense. Maybe I could learn this!

Next we were challenged to draw a nose and by golly - I did it.                                                               

Feeling pretty accomplished at this point (LOL), the next challenge was draw a piece of "Pop-art" of an animal. I chose a snake. I have found that I love sketching but do not love painting so that is a challenge for me still. But here it is.

and the painting, my first attempt with watercolor and don't like that at all. I do like acrylics.

So next was a challenge to sketch "nature". I found a sketch on the net and went for it like a lunatic, with my new found confidence. Shading is an issue and all the group would tell me is "practice, practice, practice" till it looks right, "you'll get it", Okee-dokey! So I challenged myself with feathers. I'm seeing improvement at this point and feeling better.

Next step was to sketch a person )-:, scared is a mild word here!  I picked a sketch to copy-cat of Liza Minelli. I had never drawn eyes like that, or hair or breasts so...what the heck, I'm going for it. While not great - to my surprise everyone knew who it was !!!!!!!!! And I was pleased.

Next we were to tackle a cartoon character, OK, I don't even know any nowadays so again, I searched the web. When I found this guy "White Angel" I knew that was the one, I just had to tackle those feathers in the wings. If I could do that, I could shade. It took me 2.5 hours to shade the one wing but it was worth it. I learned so much about control while doing his wings and I think he came out pretty good.

Then we were to sketch anything we want which to us each, represented spring. I found that right away and set off to work on it. It doesn't show as much depth as it should so now I'm working on that but I'm getting much better at shading I think.

This project is a dancer. It looks finished but it's not, I think I got too heavy handed with the shading and now I have to learn a new step in sketching, how to fix my mistakes. I'll let you know when I have it right.


My lines are too harsh, I need to learn to soften them sooooo....I'm working on flowers which require a more delicate touch (LOL). Softer - softer!

A bunny I sketched for my new great grandchild "Rose"

and some flowers and a butterfly, I'm still working on the softer touch )-:

One of my favorites, it's just an old mailbox but I do love simplicity

August 2012 Newest challenge "a mythological creature" I chose a Wood Nymph


A Young Fairy, how's that for softer!


7/27/2013 I'm still learning - I'm still doing copycat sketches but I do believe I see improvement!