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So here I am in my 60's, attempting to learn new things and expand my horizons (LOL)!  I love to take day trips and with that take many photos.  I love the age of the digital camera because I can take 1200 photos in a day and then have the pleasure of immediately viewing them.  I can save all the memories and at virtually no cost (compared to film).  I still love my 35mm Canon Rebel electronic film camera.  But each time I come home from a wonderful trip to the immediate viewing of my collection of God's wonders - I appreciate more and more the digital age. I shoot now with a Finepix S4000 and I could not be happier with a camera.  For an enthusiast like me it is perfect.  It is far beyond the typical point-and-shoot and yet not as complicated as many of the DSLR' s out there.  "It fits me just fine"

I take many photos because God has planned so many wonders for us to be amazed by.  When I look back at photos I took 10 and more years ago I laugh.  Photos I thought then were great and was so proud of them.  I have learned now about DOF, ROT, balance, framing, and all of the rules of composition.  My photos today are so much more than 10 years ago, they are not a simple memory but a fantastic memory for me now.  I am growing in every way.

I began sketching  in the later part of 2011,  and to that point in my life thought I could do more than a stick figure.  Here I am in my 60's growing and growing as an artist.  I paint with acrylics (not to good at painting), sketch with graphite and charcoal and even write.  I'm working on two childrens books right now which I hope to publish at Kindle.com.


Include me in your prayers and don't just sit there. If you've thought about it your whole life and think it's too late, "think again" and give it your all.

I will be posting photos, sketches, poetry and maybe even a short story.  I will be continuing to grow!

God is so good!.

I like to say "Here I am in my 60's, and I'm still chasing butterflies"


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Christian | 06/19/2012

I teared up when I read the part about Haley. I'm so glad we named her after you. No other name sounded good enough. Rose, however, fit perfectly. <3


Bamma | 07/01/2012

You know, Keyboards need to have a heart symbol....I'm sending you mine, pretend I typed it.

your blog

Anita | 11/10/2012

Rose,some time ago I ran into your blog,was busy so put it in my favorites.Went deleting some of those today and found it. I placed it there because your thoughts about life,photography,and God seemed to be identical to mine. I'm a 58 yr.old single mom with an 18 yr old daughter who finally has matured enough to have allowed me some space in my own life to develop( since last fall). I only have a cell phone camera and the occasional use of my daughters finepix xp50,have not used any software yet for modifications to any of my photos and have just started to earn how to download them on computer so I don't have to delete so many. This winter I'm going to rectify all of the above. I hope this message finds you well. In short I tell people when I'm behind the viewfinder all time stops. When people compliment a photo for it's unique take on something I just tell them,when asked how I thought of it,that I'm just looking at all of God's gifts to us.

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My Family -

A Blessing

3 wonderful children who grew and had 8 magnificent grandchildren who have to date had 1 amazing great-grandchild, "Rosebud"

A baby is a blank check made payable to the human race.  ~Barbara Christine Seifert

I love you all very much!

Our Dad and Mom had 4 girls so, I have 3 sisters all of us still surviving.

Our mother is still surviving also, and our Dad is deceased as of 1989

This is me (below) when I wake up (LOL) kind of rough huh? And always with a camera, well pretty much always.