My Shots - Critters & ID

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To the left in the menu are the page categories.  Please click and view.  Comment if you like and, if you know any I don't have named.  Feel free to let me know.  

Category: My Shots of Butterflies

Butterflys here in Florida.  Shot in the Lake city area, Gainesville area and Ocala area.  Most at Osceola National Forest.  A great place in the spring to find every color and kind you can imagine.   HERE

Category: My Shots of Dragonflies

Florida Dragonflies, most are shot in the Osceola National Forest (Lake City area) and some in Gainesville, Ocala and Jacksonville area.  Always fun to find and shoot.  HERE

Category: My Shots of Birds

Birds shot in Florida around the lakes and ponds, many at the beaches and some in the city areas.  HERE

Category: Creepy, Crawly or Stingy

Creepy, Crawly or Stingy things.  All over Florida just about anywhere you go there are many bugs.  No problem finding them to shoot LOL.   HERE

Category: Gators, Snails, Turtles...

American Gators and turtles here in Florida.  Snails, Beetles and other creatures also.  HERE