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Re: Your Site

Workin On It | 07/28/2013

Forcing "Motivation" LOL - go go go!


Toni | 06/28/2012

Just checing in to see what's new on your website. HUGE improvements on your sketches and the pics are gorgeous.

Re: Sketches

Mom | 07/01/2012

Thank you Toni, I love you so much. Your strength and drive is to be honored. You are an accomplished person with much to be grateful for and proud of.
Luv U


Christian | 06/20/2012

I am amazed at how great your website turned out! I absolutely loved your photographs. I am currently working on my own photography skills with the baby as my test subject lol. Lately I've been working on lighting. I look forward to seeing more pictures and I can't wait to see your writing from the heart page. Maybe I'll have a few things to contribute. Love you! ;)

Re: Speechless

Bamma | 07/01/2012

Thank you #8
I love hearing from you and am so glad you came to visit here. Take care of that hubby and new baby KEEP GROWING, you have it in you girl.
I love you


Cheryl | 06/18/2012

Hey mom,
I must say this is stupendous darling! LOL! That's too big a word for me! LOL! This turned out really incredible! I really love the part about where you have to get that " balance" it's so true. I look for that same balance, and the other part about how the picture captures you or better captures you~~~ its the same for me. It made me smile to know we shared something in common that is so beautiful~ the love of God's handiwork. Great job with the website mom! your sketches and photos are gorgeous! I'm looking forward to your writing from the heart page ;) love you!

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