September 2013

A friend asked in an open forum for a poem or story specific to a photo she took.  The photo was printed on canvas as a wedding gift to a couple and she needed words to express "-That they could stand side by side and look into forever together........" so I gave it a shot.

Life begins with one breath, a journey we each share as humans

We seek happiness, comfort and all things that come with love.

Begining with love from our parents, our siblings and our friends.


This path we take together now, is a kind of love shared between only we two

It's personal and private, it's safe and it's all that I searched for

It's more than I imagined, knowing and trusting  this love to be true


Funny, I never saw myself with you, I didn't know your face

But I knew how I would feel when my eyes found you,

Right then I would know we would come to this place 



To our forever, to every step we take, every adventure we share, to every mistake and every joyous moment - these steps we take together