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sandy | 05/18/2015

just stopping in to say HEY! Really enjoying your pics.

Love this site!

Sandy | 02/27/2014

OMG so happy to have found that this was actually bookmarked like i wanted it to be. who knows, i can do a few things right lol??love going through your photos and now i can come in and check out your writing too. hope you have an awesome day frand :)

new site ~ short stories

Cheryl | 07/31/2013

OMG! I completely missed the story you posted! But when I went back and stumbled across it, I felt kinda silly~ hee hee :O it was beautiful. I have never seen Zack in the way that he was described. That was beautifully put together. I can understand him better now... Seeing the world through his eyes. Much love to all my peeps in G' ville ;-)

Re: new site ~ short stories

Mom | 07/31/2013

Thanks again and glad you enjoyed the story.

new and improved site

Cheryl | 07/31/2013

Love it! Definitely see a lot of improvements with your sketching. Love love the new front page! Still waiting on your stories ;-) tick tock, tick... Tick... I'm up to 75 grey hairs! Still waiting! Hahaha! Just messing with you mom :-D the new site looks great! Much love with hugs n kisses! Cheryl

Re: new and improved site

MOM | 07/31/2013

Thanks Cheryl, thanks. Come back any time and check out the sub tabs in the menu - I've made MANY changes.

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